September 10, 2009

Watchdog of the Underrated Woman

Rachel Sklar has made it her personal mission to make sure that good work by women in media does not go unnoticed.

Michael Gluckstadt

When Media Circus and Geeking Out, Gelf's two newest speaking series, first launched, most of the responses we got were very positive. Then there were the ones we received from Rachel Sklar, "Wow no ladies do media or science? How strange!" she wrote to us. Then, after we responded, she wrote back "Here's a list of women who cover/have covered the media industry: Stephanie Smith, Irin Carmon, Glynnis MacNicol, Jessica Coen, Jessica Pressler, Rebecca Traister, Rebecca Dana, Rebecca Fox, Caroline McCarthy, Maureen Tkacik, Anna Holmes, Maggie Shnayerson, Doree Shafrir, Emily Gould, Jenna Wortham, Melissa Lafsky, Keli Goff, Meghan Keane, Rachelle Hruska, Lindsay Robertson, Corynne Steindler, Emily Nussbaum, Nina Munk, and me."

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Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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