February 1, 2011

Varsity Letters Interviews, the Quickish Way

New York's sports reading series celebrates its fifth anniversary, and the launch of founder Dan Shanoff's site Quickish, with a lineup of over a dozen sportswriters. Here's what they have to say—briefly—about a host of sports issues.

David Goldenberg

Varsity Letters, New York's sports reading series, is turning five this year. On the first Thursday of almost every month since spring 2006, three sportswriters have read from and talked about their work before a crowd of sports fans, book fans, and people who just wandered in—a format that doesn't exist anywhere else (that we know of—if you're hosting your own version of Varsity Letters in San Francisco, Sao Paolo, or anywhere else, please let us know; we'd like to be friends). Varsity Letters was founded by Dan Shanoff, who more recently has created the sports-info site Quickish. Gelf took over the reins at the end of 2006 and has been running with it since.

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Article by David Goldenberg

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