May 8, 2009

The Voice of Baltimore

After his newspaper shut down, investigative reporter Stephen Janis started his own news website.

Sara Michael

Conversations with Stephen Janis are often interrupted by his cellphone. The former investigative reporter at the Baltimore Examiner newspaper never stops taking calls and meeting sources, and not even the newspaper's folding in February slowed him down. Having covered stories in Baltimore City like the murders of prostitutes and the arrest of a seven-year-old for sitting on a dirt bike, Janis can't stop now.

Perhaps he's become completely mired in the ills of the city; perhaps he is fully unemployable in any other field. But once laid off from the newspaper, he took his leads, his sources, and his obsession with unearthing the real story, and launched his own online news organization, Investigative Voice. After just two months, the website has broken stories that were picked up by the local television media.

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- Media
- posted on Apr 10, 10
Rhonda Cann

Hello Mr. Janis,
I am Rhonda Cann a History major at Essex Community College. I am a member of the Multicultural Club, as well as the Christian Fellowship Club. I read your bio and am very impressed!
I am doing a community action project on the murder rate in Baltimore City from 1980 to the present, and would like to have anything I can use. I am doing this for Womens Studies Honors.
Please consider my request before April 20th. I have a deadline in May that it is due. IF you can consider coming to speak to my class that would be great also. I appreciate your time and contributions.

- Media
- posted on Feb 09, 14
Tim Ward

Very Well done, Stephen! Keep on!

- Media
- posted on Feb 09, 14
Tim Ward

Very well done! Keep on keepin' on, Stephen!

Article by Sara Michael

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