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January 2, 2008

The Fan's Savior Cometh

Will Leitch highlights the absurdities of sports and the men who cover them daily on Deadspin. In his new book, he offers a guide to what ails our games and how to fix them.

Carl Bialik

As editor of the popular sports blog Deadspin, Will Leitch writes and edits at least a dozen posts daily detailing the absurd, the sordid, and occasionally the sublime (we headlined our prior interview with Leitch, "Sports Bloggers' Benevolent King"). He tackles similar themes in his new book, God Save the Fan: How Preening Sportscasters, Athletes Who Speak in the Third Person, and the Occasional Convicted Quarterback Have Taken the Fun Out of Sports (And How We Can Get It Back), only with a slightly longer lead time—readers won't learn Leitch's take on the Mitchell Report or the Patriots' undefeated season between the covers—and without the rapid, raunchy, sometimes-hilarious commentary of his readers. Prevailing instead is Leitch's trademark bemused/earnest/common-sense tone. "Deep down, I love these games as much as anyone," he tells Gelf. "If there's an ethos to the site, it's that sports are diversion: They are supposed to be fun."

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- Sports
- posted on Jan 09, 08
Ronald Mexico

Deadspin is a site that has always tarnished my good name. Just because I like to electrocute dogs, all those wise-ass commenters feel like they can make fun of me and make PMITA prison jokes? Absurd.

- Sports
- posted on Jan 09, 08

How I - Supermike - was NOT mentioned in this article is the single most mysterious and questionable occurrence since we tried to determine Chief Wahoo's gender by looking at his genitals.

- Sports
- posted on Jan 09, 08

So first Will was a Benevolent King, now he's the Fan's Savior: royalty to deity, in two interviews. Nice. Good interview, though, Carl, except for the titles.

- Sports
- posted on Oct 05, 12
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