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May 1, 2009

The Cowboys of the Zamboni Rodeo

Jason Cohen tells Gelf about his six months touring with the Austin Ice Bats of the Western Professional Hockey League.

David Roth

It's tempting to write that Jason Cohen is the only hockey writer to have penned a Rolling Stone cover story (about Hole, in 1995), been recognized by the Sex Positive Magazine Awards—in 2008, for his Portland Monthly piece about Mary's, a strip-club institution in the Rose City—and written an appreciation of goetta, Cincinnati's peculiar indigenous porky breakfast treat, in Cincinnati magazine. But it'd be wrong, since Cohen's not a hockey writer; he's a freelance writer who happens to be a hockey fan.

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- posted on Dec 11, 09

Hey now guys, I like Candlebox(they are actually putting out music again), they just got labeled as "grunge" when they are more old-school, bluesy rock, which ain't a bad thing. Oh, and I miss the WPHL days.

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