December 31, 2007

The 'Boob Job' Fan

Dan Shanoff wasn't born a Florida fan, but that doesn't save the recent Gators convert from being called Tim Tebow's fluffer on the internets.

Carl Bialik

When Gelf last checked in with Dan Shanoff, he was half a year into his new life as a sports blogger. The former columnist had transferred his Daily Quickie format—an opinionated wrap-up of each weekday morning's sports news—onto his site. Nearly a year later, our follow-up interview finds Shanoff settling comfortably into life as an independent internet guru. In addition to his blog, Shanoff also writes a weekly college-football column for Deadspin, where commenters rejoice in ripping into his beloved Florida Gators and quarterback Tim Tebow. And he has founded a blog about his son Gabe, who just "sat around" at the age of nine months when we last spoke, but who is now, at 19 months, a Tebow fanatic. (Shanoff has also expanded beyond sports, as vice president of content for Associated Content, a platform for independent online publishers such as himself.)

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