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March 2, 2009

Storming the Web's College-Basketball Corner

The bloggers at Storming the Floor eschew dick jokes for hard-core college-basketball analysis. Plus, other kinds of jokes.

Joseph Ax

It's seemingly harder than ever to point to college sports as an expression of athletic purity. Top programs make little pretense of educating their players; highly touted freshmen arrive on campus with all the hype of an established star; and universities rake in millions of dollars from fat television contracts.

And yet…there's nothing quite like watching a backup player for a mid-major kill himself on every possession, even though he isn't getting paid to play and probably never will. There's nothing like the feeling of exhilaration when a No. 14 seed creeps closer and closer to toppling an elite team in mid-March. And there's nothing like the rivalries, the mascots, and the fans (although Dick Vitale remains as insufferable as ever, of course).

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- posted on Mar 02, 09
dino anskis

great site...keep up the good work...p.s...dont forget about the 400lb ant....

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