June 16, 2010

Separating the Food from the Fuss

In print, online, or on TV, Time Out New York's Gabriella Gershenson tells New Yorkers where to eat.

Max Lakin

Since 2006, Gabriella Gershenson has helmed the dining section and likeminded food blog, The Feed, at Time Out New York, and helped relieve overstimulated New Yorkers of the crippling ennui brought on by the city's glorious acreage of dim sum options.

And unlike a vast swath of culinary arrivistes, Gershenson has plied her palate over years and across media: The former restaurant critic and food columnist for The New York Press, Gershenson is a fixture of WOR's Food Talk and NYCTV's Eat Out New York. She appears as a judge on one of the Food Network's inimitably-named programs, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle, and has lent her Big Apple savvy as the New York consultant on the Jamie Oliver travelogue, Jamie's America.

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