September 22, 2009

Sam Rubenstein Will Take You to School

After walking away from a life of hobnobbing with NBA superstars, the former magazine editor comes off the bench for public school kids.

Justin Adler

Five days a week Sam Rubenstein dissected the previous night's NBA action in a Manhattan office. He immersed himself in the basketball blogosphere as he ran the website for SLAM Magazine, one of the biggest sports rags in the country. After four years at SLAM, Rubenstein decided that partying (uh…reporting) in Las Vegas for the All-Star game, attending each game of the NBA finals, and hanging out with superstars was no longer for him. He went back to school, studying towards a Master's in education at Fordham University in hopes of teaching at a New York City public school.

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- posted on Sep 22, 09
Nick Reilly

It's good to see that someone else out there is having a similar experience. I'm glad that Sam's keeping his head up, even through the tough times. Hopefully someone realizes that he's success waiting to happen.

Article by Justin Adler

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