March 1, 2010

On the Last Frontier of Sportswriting

To ESPN's Seth Wickersham, sportswriting is a pursuit to be perfected, much like his subjects' efforts to throw a perfect spiral or build a better football team.

Justin Adler

I've never thrown a bachelor party or attended one. From what Hollywood and distant friends who like to exaggerate tell me, bachelor parties involve the city of Las Vegas, light-to-heavy recreational drug use, and an exotic dancer or three.

Then I spoke with ESPN writer Seth Wickersham, who told me he threw a bachelor party for his good friend and fellow writer in Charleston, South Carolina, and instead of inviting guests who get paid per song, he invited a pair of quinquagenarians who are accustomed to getting paid per written word. "We invited Tom Junod and Gary Smith to talk shop with us," Wickersham said. "No shit. And as geeky as it sounds, it was a great weekend, one of the most memorable of our lives."

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Article by Justin Adler

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