June 15, 2010

New York's Food-Blogging Feast

Alex Vallis knows where to get the best food in town—and where to read about it.

Jenny Merkin

Vulnerable to the same currents of change as the rest of the news industry, food journalism is undergoing a transformation just as other genres—although it's a part of the press that's getting a lot less press. As so many have access to a camera, a computer, and a food palate, an increasing number of people have been writing about food on the web. A new blog crops up every day, a new voice digesting some part of the food world—be it the new hottest restaurant, a little known delicacy, the usage of kale, or the pizza shop down the street that you always thought smelled funky but actually has the best calzones.

Alex Vallis is one of the many sniffing out the best food in New York City. A self-professed lover of food who was particularly inspired while living in France for a year in college, Vallis has climbed the food-journalism ranks, starting off as an intern at Saveur, working as an assistant food editor for New York magazine, and landing a New York editor position at NBC's new FEAST food blog.

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