November 30, 2009

Mayo Dripping at the Gates of Hell

A viral-media expert by trade, Jessica Amason crafted a web sensation out of bacon and melted cheese.

Max Lakin

As viral media editor for, Jessica Amason has the enviable charge of sifting through untold video hours of children doing things their parents find hilarious but are actually not, and their close cousins, cats in sink basins. Carrying over the media-item-as-unnecessarily-fearsome-disease metaphor, Amason says she's actually responsible for "investigating the contagious web"—something she has practical experience with. Amason, along with Gawker's Richard Blakely, is the creator of, the fever-dream blog and unholy online museum of inventive and decidedly bad-for-you foodstuffs.

Something like a cookbook from the Ninth Ring, This Is Why Your Fat is at once a less-than-gentle reminder that we're killing ourselves, bacon-style—and a dare to deep-fry up the next bastard amalgamation somehow more stomach-turning than a mac-and-cheese meatloaf roulade (yes, bacon-wrapped).

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