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August 3, 2009

Manny's Many Mentors

Shawn Boburg puts Manny Ramirez on the couch to find out what and who makes the mercurial Dodgers star tick.

Justin Adler

OK, so you may know that a few things have changed in Manny Ramirez's life since the book Becoming Manny: Inside the Life of Baseball's Most Enigmatic Slugger came out in early March 2009: the performance-enhancing drug allegations and the 50-game suspension that ensued.

But just because Ramirez is now plagued with the "when did he start using? and how much did it affect his game?" questions that cloud the careers of several baseball greats, it does not make the book any less intriguing or relevant.

Authors Jean Rhodes and Shawn Boburg analyze Ramirez's roots in the New York City neighborhood of Washington Heights and his upbringing in the Dominican Republic. They also focus on his powerful relationships with various mentors who have shaped Ramirez on and off the field—including, notably, Carlos "Macaco" Ferreira, who has been Ramirez's close friend and mentor since Macaco coached Ramirez's little-league team.

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- posted on Aug 06, 09
Jamal Wallace

Solid interview, I just started reading the book today.

Article by Justin Adler

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