October 9, 2013

Making Sense of A-Rod

Michael O'Keeffe of the New York Daily News I-Team sorts through the baffling legal case of Alex Rodriguez.

Michael Gluckstadt

What on earth is Alex Rodriguez thinking? Whether it's kissing himself in the pages of a men's magazine, asking out a girl in the middle of a playoff loss, or reportedly commissioning a portrait of himself depicted as a centaur, it's always been damn near impossible to get inside A-Rod's head. And now that he's got his hands full with a record-setting suspension, arbitration hearings, and lawsuits upon lawsuits, it might be harder than ever.

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- posted on Oct 18, 13
John Curtis

You're a #1 Yankee fan and know nothing about the A-Rod case. First of all you bring nothing to the table. You just repeat the same old BS that the large networks and news papers say. To gain some real creditability, try investigating and doing a little homework. For example, the on air predictions about A-Rod skills when he returned was pitiful and wrong. Second, the large networks and newes papers never note that A-Rod has passed all PED test given by MLB as agreed upon in the JDA and CBA unlike the others who got suspended. Finally, what MLB is doing to A-Rod is outside the JDA and CBA. To prove my point, what other player has ever got suspended for PED use outside a positive test by the JDA. For that matter, what other players have even been investigated for PED use outside the JDA and got suspended?  None, Na-da.
You need to do a little homework and earn your strips. MLB will have egg on their face in the A-Rod matter when it's all said and done. Oh, and so will You

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