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Irony, to a T

How we got from the earnest "Dew it with Dewey" shirt of the 1940s to the "I'm getting really good at masturbating" one of today.


Walking the Line on Blogging Ethics

Ed Shull says his company has found a way for bloggers to get paid for writing about advertisers without undermining their integrity. Gelf isn't so sure the results meet that ideal.


The Saga of

As a 12-year old, Chris Van Allen out-battled the Prema Toy Company (the makers of Gumby) for rights to the domain. Ten years later, he's trying to get his site back once again.


Get Rich or Blog Tryin'

Gelf talks with blogger and stay-at-home mom Laura Neiman, who's more than happy to mention sponsors' products in her blog if it helps pay the bills.


Defining Amazonian Ethics

Many blogs and websites—Gelf included—make money when people buy Amazon products off of our sites. What is our responsibility to our readers—and to the other websites—in terms of disclosure, transparency, and credit-sharing?


How Stock Spam Works

Gelf talks with researchers who have examined how spammers are profiting by manipulating the penny-stock market.


The MySpace Offensive

In an energy-drink market populated by the likes of Nelly, Steven Seagal, and heavyweight Red Bull, an upstart company marshals its fans to generate positive buzz online.


Five Months With Enron

Five years ago, Grant Case started work at a hot-shot energy company. He had an insider's view as Enron circled the drain. Plus: Grant digs up old emails chronicling the meltdown.


Targeting the Jock

Topless Sports News offers humorous reporting, breasts


Cutting Corners

A Gelf investigation reveals widespread plagiarism in an internet newsletter.

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