June 20, 2008

Insolence is Bliss

Deus Ex Malcontent's Chez Pazienza tells Gelf what it's like to (almost) make a living by being a smartass online.

Adam Rosen

Behold the Smartass, the unflappable thorn-in-your-side, smug beyond compare, a guy who’s stuck it to you if not twice, then at least three—possibly four—times. He’s incisive, preternaturally self-aware, and uses five-syllable words like preternatural. He’s a friend to the underdog and an enemy of the Top Dog. To channel Jeffrey Lebowski (the other Lebowski, not the millionaire), he’s not wrong, he’s just an asshole.*

How else but the above to describe Chez Pazienza, the longtime CNN producer canned in February for dutifully minding a blog entitled Deus ex Malcontent? This is a site, consider, that dismisses summer—usually ranked amongst the best of times—as an occasion for “Michael Bay [to] once again spread his figurative ass-cheeks and unleash a putrid load of cinematic diarrhea on the theater-going public.”

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- Media
- posted on Jun 24, 08

So Chez is a hipster doofus cuntsack.

What a surprise that is.


I guess the most hypocritical thing is that instead of y'know actually trying to do something about the alleged shitty state of broadcast journalism, Chez just sits on the sidelines and jacks off his 1/2" cock, much like the Christians and other types did when the NAzis were going after the Jews in WWII.

Both pathetically sad and sadly pathetic, that's Chez in a nutshell.

- Media
- posted on Jun 24, 08
David Goldenberg

As Jemele Hill notes, Nazi references are best left for references to Nazis. And Cartman.

- Media
- posted on Jun 25, 08


We all know Chez is quite full of himself, not unlike any other blog writer he acts like he knows best. So?

What should he do instead of shaking his sometimes verbose fist on the sidelines?

- Media
- posted on Jun 25, 08

Godwin's law in immediate effect.

Ben ... get over it. Go blow Fox or something.

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