April 30, 2012

In Defense of Sports (and Figure Skating)

Matt Wasowski is on a quest to defend sport from its critics, though even he has trouble defending the slow pace of baseball, and the Brooklyn Nets.

Justin Adler

Let's say you're a diehard sports fan who happens to host a regular intellectual gathering of self-professed nerds, many of whom look down upon anything sport-related.

In an effort to show them the light, do you:

(A) Explain there's nothing nerdier than a properly spelled chant, then begin screaming J! E! T! S!
(B) Ease them into your world with a gateway sport such as figure skating.
(C) Write a 185-page book on why it's actually OK to like sports and leave no room for confusion by naming said book It's Okay To Like Sports: How Women, Intellectuals, and Artists Can Find Cultural Value in Athletics

If you're Matt Wasowski, the host of New York City's Nerd Nite, the answer is C, with a little bit of B, once the nerds are on board.

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Article by Justin Adler

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