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March 25, 2007

Housecleaner Abuse in Saudi Arabia

Gelf highlights overlooked coverage from local media around the world. In this edition: House cleaners continually suffer abuse; a giant frozen squid needs thawing; and two Belgian women make their way around the world without a motor.

Hadley Robinson

Some of the most insightful writing from outside the U.S. comes from local media. In this occasional feature, Gelf identifies noteworthy stories that haven't gotten much attention outside local borders.

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- Zooming In
- posted on Oct 20, 07
dewa ayu rini pramudani

Regarding to news about Indonesia house keeper abusing, I feel so sad to hear that. I'm one of Indonesia Woman who work in four stars hotel in Sumatera. I can not stop to think about so many bad things happened to Indonesia woman in other country. They left their husband and children, a family that she really love to... just to get a better life and earn much money. But in a fact, they never take their own salary from the employer for long time and they got a very bad treatment like abusing and even raped. They went to Malaysia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia with debt with agencies in Indonesia. Sometimes we never know what is gonna hapen or just happened to them, they become disapear, never send a letter to their family, never make a call, and suddenly we got a very bad news that she was suicide by jump from a high flat. They can not even survive and struggle with the abusing, they just a woman who weak, they doesn't even eat daily, they become thinner and depressed because they have no way to run.
They are uneducated woman,they can not speak Arabian, English, or Malay so they can not talk to someone to ask their help and talking about the employer bad habits.

I hope it's not gonna lasts forever, stop crime, could you imagine if it hapenend to your wife or your sister???

God bless you,

Dewa Ayu Rini Pramudani, SE

- Zooming In
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