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July 11, 2007

Glimpses of Gustatory Gladiators

When Joey Chestnut made competitive-eating, nay, sports history, Gelf was there with camera and notepad.

Michael Gluckstadt

As every American now knows, in a Fourth of July storybook finish, good ol' boy wonder Joey Chestnut defeated his Japanese nemesis and six-time champion Takeru Kobayashi in Nathan's annual International Hot Dog Eating Contest. But unless you were among the 50,000+ who attended the event in Coney Island or caught it live on ESPN, you may not realize that the two favorites shared the stage with 15 diverse and eccentric characters.

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- Food
- posted on Nov 04, 07

why was my image covered up onthe wall of fame by a street sign what kind of photograhers do you hire? I was between sonyas 25 sign and eric booker this is the first time inall the pictures taken of the wall of fame by any publication, that my image was covered up ...don lerman

- Food
- posted on Nov 04, 07

I was one of the 3oldtime competitve eaters ( the one in the middle RECEIVING THE LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD even thatshot was blury

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