March 4, 2007

ESPN's Newest NBA Writer

Henry Abbott's dogged reporting for TrueHoop, including a yearlong investigation of a shadowy basketball figure, landed him a job at the biggest company in sports media.

Carl Bialik

Henry Abbott is a journalist who blogs. has given many of its journalists blogs lately. So it was a logical move for the sports behemoth to buy Abbott's TrueHoop blog, one of the best spots to keep track of the NBA, and put the longtime hoops writer (who's interviewed most of the league's players and coaches) on its full-time payroll a couple of weeks ago. Abbott does want his longtime readers to know that he's not quite "bathing in Goldschläger and eating only the choicest roe of wild sturgeon."

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- posted on Apr 09, 08

I am an 8th grader in Michigan and i was wondering if you could answer a few questions that I have about whether or not athletes are or should be role models. Email me back please.


Article by Carl Bialik

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