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June 8, 2011

Deadspin's Biggest Fan at ESPN

Jemele Hill respects good sportswriting in all forms, even if in the future it's beamed directly into our brains.

David Goldenberg

Even before she started writing for in 2006, Jemele Hill attracted national attention for her engaging approach to sportswriting. Her "Riding With" column for the Orlando Sentinel—in which she casually interviewed a variety of athletes while they drove her around town—showed off Hill's ability to get normally guarded people to open up. (In Willis McGahee's case, that led to an interesting diatribe on baby mommas.)

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- posted on Jun 09, 11
Jerel Brickerson

Great Q&A with Jemele. You have allowed me information that I may never have had a chance to ask.

Article by David Goldenberg

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