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September 30, 2007

Danny Hustle

For his portrait of the competitive-pool world, Jon Wertheim found a colorful subject in Danny Basavich, aka Kid Delicious.

Nick Matros

What if that overweight kid from your high school, who seemingly had no talent save for an ability to mock his own weight, sought solace at a local pool hall? What if, within said pool hall, he found an answer, a safe-haven from the torments of his peers, all the while honing an innate ability to pocket and control balls? The world of pool soon becomes his high school and college. It becomes his entire means, nay, purpose for living. When he's on top of his game, there's not a soul who can beat him. Maybe then, when you ask yourself who in their right mind would be a pool hustler in today's world, you might realize that unlike the popular saying, skill at pool is not necessarily the sign of a youth misspent; it may also be the sign of a youth mistreated.

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Article by Nick Matros

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