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November 6, 2007

Calling the Play of the Year

Trinity play-by-play announcer Jonathan Wiener talks about his role in the longest two seconds of football ever played.

dan fleschner

For a football team to pull off a last-second gimmick play to score a touchdown and win an important game, it takes preparation, skill, and a hefty dose of luck. In the case of Trinity University's unbelievable 15-lateral winner, those same forces were at work for the person who shared the play with an awestruck nation.

Jonathan Wiener, a sophomore play-by-play announcer at Trinity, wasn't even supposed to be there for his school's pivotal game with rival Millsaps College on October 27. He didn't think he'd be back in time from a journalism conference, but a last-second audible and some maternal intervention got him to Jackson, Mississippi, to see—and call—the most talked-about play of the year in sports.

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