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November 6, 2008

Buzz Me

An open letter to sports bloggers: Go break some stories! I'll pay for them.

Todd Gallagher

When I was a young lad not so long ago, I spent my days sitting in a sweaty hellhole of a studio apartment in Los Angeles living with a girl I barely knew, trying desperately to get someone, anyone, to read an article I had written about Joe Dumars and his Hall of Fame chances. If that sounds pathetic to you, it gets worse. Every day I would hunt down names, numbers, and email addresses of sportswriters who wrote for publications as big as the Sporting News (yes, it used to be big) and as small as Fanball, and begged them to show the Dumars article to their editors. This isn't exactly the best way to go about getting writing work, but I literally knew no one connected to the business.

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- posted on Nov 07, 08

Todd, I really enjoyed all of the original reporting that went into this article, oh wait...nevermind.

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- posted on Nov 16, 08

Todd, how dare you ask our top bloggers to do more than surf the front page of for sports stories and beg for people to send them pictures of badly-behaving athletes? Why, what you are suggesting is work, good man, work itself, and it'll be the ruin of the blogosphere yet! :-p

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- posted on Mar 25, 13
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Article by Todd Gallagher

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