May 11, 2009

Beauty and the Beastly Business

Tai Beauchamp, a magazine industry vet, addresses questions about the ailing business.

Megan Stride

Tai Beauchamp has been prettying up the magazine world for more than 10 years, but even she can admit it's looking ugly these days. Beauchamp began her editorial career at Good Housekeeping and Harper's Bazaar, before joining the freshly-launched O, The Oprah Magazine in 2000. She went on to serve as Seventeen Magazine's beauty and fitness editor, and as deputy editor for the since-departed Vibe Vixen in 2006.

In all of her roles, Beauchamp tries to focus on the aesthetic qualities of her magazines and their content. "That's my thing," she tells Gelf, "to bring style and substance together." But now she's not sure if that's going to be enough. She envisions a future where so-called magazines are cross-platform promotional tools, reaching their audiences in a variety of ways.

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Article by Megan Stride

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