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June 2, 2007

Bane of Cheerleaders, Champion of the Little Guys

An interview with Sports Illustrated columnist Rick Reilly, who says, 'I love writing about great, heroic deeds from small people.'

Carl Bialik

Writing for the biggest audience of any American sports columnist, Sports Illustrated's Rick Reilly employs pathos, one-liners, and outrage—sometimes all in the same 800-word column—to identify the heroes and villains of the sports world. Reilly's collected 100 of his weekly columns from the past seven years, and updated some of them with postscripts, in the new book, Hate Mail from Cheerleaders and Other Adventures from the Life of Reilly.

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- posted on Jun 27, 07
Larry from Alabama

How can you say that Kobe does not deserve to play with a player like Garnett. Realisticly the only way you would say that is if you believe that he rapped that girl. She was a scank looking for a payday. Kobe is the one getting pimped by the Lakers. Ticket sales are high etc.. Kobe was lied to by the Lakers they said that they would build a championship team around him. They got everyone that don't know any better thinking that he ran Shaq off. Shaq wanted to leave because his ego is bigger than Kobe's. Bottom line Kobe get way to much slack from some of you haters. Just say what all of you that hate his guts for the false rap incident can't say, He is the best and stop hating.

Article by Carl Bialik

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