May 15, 2014

A World Cup Questionnaire

Greg Lalas of, Graham Parker of the Guardian and Grantland, and Alexander Abnos of SI and Howler answer all your soccer questions.

Michael Gluckstadt

The World Cup is nearly here, which means everyone is about to get a lot more knowledgeable about soccer. To get things started, Gelf's Varsity Letters event was devoted entirely to The Beautiful Game.

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- posted on May 15, 14

I'm surprised by Argentina as a consensus pick. Aguero, Di Maria, Zabaleta and Messi are world class, sure, but then what? Garay and Fernandez at center back seems like trouble ( maybe Otamendi?). Who is at left back? Finally, half the guys that would slot in next to Mascherano in central mid-field are just coming back to fitness and that seems like it would be a problem against the better midfields.

Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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