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April 2, 2007

A Voice Above All Others

Sportscaster Mel Allen was at the top of his profession. Then, he lost everything, and climbed back. His friend and biographer explains why he thinks Allen 'was the best ever to call the game.'

Carl Bialik

When he was growing up in upstate New York, Curt Smith would listen to Mel Allen broadcast the New York Yankees. Allen was the voice of baseball's most-glamorous and most-successful team, and his articulate gamecasts and signature "How about that!" call made him a celebrity. Then his game started to slip, the Yankees fired him, and he was suddenly a Voice without a sport to call.

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- posted on May 25, 07
Ken Parlier

As a young kid in the 1950's Mel Allen's voice was symbolic of my favorite time of year October/World Series time.It was almost as if God was speeking directly to me.Sports fans today have no idea how one talented man's voice would come to help define a generation of sports fans,in the 1950's when baseball really was this countries national pastime.

Article by Carl Bialik

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