March 8, 2012

We Need to Talk about Me

Mark Sam Rosenthal, creator, writer, and star of the off-off-Broadway play I Light Up My Life talks about talking about himself.

Justin Adler

As the saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Lesser known is the adage, “When the universe doesn't write your biography and adapt it into a play that further glorifies your life—fuck it—do it yourself.”

The latter is exactly what actor and Comedy Central writer Mark Sam Rosenthal did. Tired of waiting for someone to pen his life story, he decided to get down to business, imagining his very own celebrity autobiography laced with heaps of self-praise and drenched in sarcasm. Although the book exists only inside Rosenthal’s head, its concept became the theme to Rosenthal's off-off Broadway play, I Light Up My Life.

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- posted on Oct 19, 12
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Article by Justin Adler

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