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March 12, 2013

Jenkins Helps Summit Sum It Up

Sally Jenkins discusses the 'worst moment in her life': finding out her best friend Pat Summitt has Alzheimer's.

Justin Adler

Journalists normally avoid or downplay any disclosure of their relationships to their subjects, which made Sally Jenkins's disclosure in her article revealing Pat Summitt's Alzheimer's diagnosis all the more intense. "Full disclosure: It is the measure of Summitt's large-heartedness that she could call any of a half-dozen people her closest friend. This writer has only one: her. 'I would rather drive stakes through my own hands than write this story,' I said," Jenkins wrote.

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- Sports
- posted on Mar 14, 13

It doesn't sound like you read the Freeh Report. Do your homework before you try to tear someone's hard earned reputation down for your own benefit.

- Sports
- posted on Mar 14, 13
Sally, Sally, Sally,

My guess is you've never read the Freeh Report. You're the typical run-of-the-mill talking head who reads and writes headlines, but can't put forth the effort to know the story. Any reasonable person can conclude after reading what you just wrote that Paterno was 1) in no physical or mental condition to be interviewed about such a deep situation, and 2) how can anyone make conclusions about an 83 year old's recollection who is dieing in front of you while an audience of lawyers and PR people are watching? You're pathetic.

- Sports
- posted on Mar 14, 13
Dr. Joe Cattano

She might really gain a richer understanding by reading the recent reports that challenge the Freeh Report.

- Sports
- posted on Mar 16, 13

A writer who is honest about her opinions of public figures... What a crime! Even if she didn't understand the Freeh Report the way you think she should have she felt he was lying. Paterno was lying to help himself cope. Its not an uncommon trait for people who feel guilty.

Article by Justin Adler

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