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July 3, 2007

(Hot) Dog Without His Bite

This past week, Japanese competitive-eating star Takeru Kobayashi, most famous for his one-time world record for eating 53¾ hot dogs in 12 minutes, announced that he has been diagnosed with jaw arthritis, which may hamper his performance at the upcoming Nathan's Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, the Super Bowl of eating competitions. A slew of food and jaw-related headlines were plastered on news outlet all over the internet. Here are some of Gelf's favorites for you to chew on:

Kobayashi's Jaw Dropper

USA Today
Japanese eating champ could lose his chomp

New York Magazine
Hot-Dog-Eating Champ Struck with Jaw Arthritis Determined to Gulp On

Jaw-dropper: Hot dog king needs doctors' help

New York Daily News
'Jawthritis' hard for hot dog champ to swallow

Dog Bites Man

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