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Gelf is also always on the lookout for writing talent.

Gelf's slogan is, "Looking over the overlooked." We're looking for stories that play off news—mainstream, quirky, techie and international—in creative ways. Our approach is humorous and sometimes off-kilter; we're interested in what the other guys overlooked, and why they reported and wrote about it the way they did.

We're looking to profile brazen, unusual personalities—a waiter who raps; an inventor of flavored buckshot; the proprietor of a topless sports news website. We'd like to write about international stories that would have been front-page news if they had happened in the US. We're also interested in how otherwise unknown people become, briefly, famous, and how a brush with fame and the press affects them. And we'd like to follow up on stories making waves around the Web. Most websites don't bother to send emails or make phone calls but just repeat each other; we can correct their mistakes and fill in the blanks they've left open.

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