September 9, 2009

Working the Social Media Beat

Caroline McCarthy balances covering the richness of social media with public socializing in her own right.

Max Lakin

When the Silicon Alley Insider placed Caroline McCarthy at the 63rd spot in its current list of the one hundred most influential players in the tech game, they said that you were likely to find her at any given party in Silicon Alley, "and if you don't, the party's probably not worth going to." Brash words in speaking about the lithe 24 year-old McCarthy, a CNET blogger in her first employ this side of Princeton.

McCarthy stocks her blog, The Social, with news on the Web's seemingly limitless social media. From the nefarious interworkings of Google's coffers, to the ground plays in the eternal Facebook-Twitter turf war, McCarthy serves as a kind of naturalist surveyor, dispatching from the tech culture badlands.
She's also become something of a proto-celebrity among the type-and-post set; she's a frequent New York media item, appearing within the likes of Gawker and The Observer, and linked therein to sorted wunderkinds like Rex Sorgatz and Tumblr's David Karp.

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- posted on Sep 10, 09
Terrence Cheek

Thank you Gelf for interviewing Caroline McCarthy, that was an amazing interview read Caroline is the best and I love reading her thought's.

Article by Max Lakin

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