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February 14, 2005

Vegetables cause/cure cancer

Chemotherapeutic carrots and lethal lettuce.

David Goldenberg

Cancer is complicated. It kills millions of people around the world each year (see the American Cancer Society's website for more stats) and there's no magic bullet to cure it. So when the press starts fawning over a food that shows anticancer properties—the latest is carrots—it's healthy to have a little perspective. Join Gelf on a tour down BBC memory lane, and revisit some of that media outlet's numerous articles about the link between vegetables and cancer:

Carrots may help ward off cancer, Feb. 9 2005

Vegetable chemical fights cancer, May 10 2004

'Broccoli pill' could prevent cancer, Aug. 18 2002

Could cabbage prevent cancer?, Jan. 25 2005

Cancer benefit of vegetables queried, Feb. 14 2001

Vegetable 'link' to cancer, Feb. 16 2002

For best effect, open the sites one after another and toggle back and forth between them. Then try to go shopping for produce.

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- Nature
- posted on Jul 30, 09
Suzu Mukherjee

I think fresh turmaric(not powder used for cooking) is potentially more iffective in prevting Cancer.Some research is going on in India.There should more research on that in the West.

Article by David Goldenberg

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