The Hack and the Flack

August 2, 2010

The Leakers

Gelf's podcasters read the Afghan documents.

Michael Myser and Merrill Freund

In Gelf Magazine's weekly podcast, The Hack and The Flack, journalist Michael Myser—the hack—and PR guru Merrill Freund—the flack—break down the news of the week. From their different perspectives, Michael and Merrill discuss sports, tech, politics, and media—much like Gelf.

In this week's episode, Michael and Merrill analyze the media reaction to the Wikileaks documents about Afghanistan, bemoan Farmville updates, add LeBron's Miami Heat to a list of the world's most hated teams, applaud Anthony Weiner's outburst, and lament the North Korean soccer team's fate. Click here to listen to the podcast.

You can email Michael, Merrill, and Gelf to let us know what you think.

Front-page image of the World Cup courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Article by Michael Myser and Merrill Freund

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