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February 5, 2008

The Charles Van Doren of College Hoops

Mack Davis, the hero of a 1966 novel on the human price of college-sports scandal, attempts to build a new life after fame has cruelly departed. The author says the system remains broken four decades later.

Carl Bialik

Mack Davis is a former basketball legend idling away his prime playing years at the start of Big Man, Jay Neugeboren's 1966 fictional account of a young black man from Brooklyn caught up in college-hoops' 1950s point-shaving scandals. "I got no kicks coming, though," Mack begins the novel. "I live okay." Mack's voice is the reader's guide through his confined world, which expands in surprising ways as he encounters characters who may or may not want to help him.

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- posted on Feb 05, 08
Donna Landay

I read it & as a fellow Brooklynite felt very much apart of it.

Article by Carl Bialik

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