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May 16, 2010

The Bedbug King of New York

Entomologist Louis Sorkin, an expert on the urban parasites, tells Gelf why bedbugs love the Big Apple.

Eric Yun

Louis Sorkin, an entomologist at the American Museum of Natural History, feeds his research subjects with his own blood. Sorkin, you see, is one of the world's experts on bedbugs, and he finds it handy to keep a readily available food source nearby.

Letting bedbugs parasitize him is a good way to keep costs and inventory down, but it also lets Sorkin empathize with the thousands of New Yorkers who suffer the bites unwillingly each night. He literally feels their pain. As the creatures—once mostly controlled with heavy use of pesticides such as DDT—make a comeback, the tightly packed urban metropolis of the five boroughs has been a major staging ground for their resurgence.

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- Science
- posted on May 18, 10
Philip Stravino

Thank you,Lou Sorkin for all the work you do with bed bug research, I have always enjoyed your input and help you have always given.

- Science
- posted on Oct 03, 10
william s cook

Mr. Sorkim
Would it be possible to obtain from you a container of live bed bugs for use in dog training?
ws cook
Orlando, FL
407 658 7789

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