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The Bedbug King of New York

Entomologist Louis Sorkin, an expert on the urban parasites, tells Gelf why bedbugs love the Big Apple.


Slow and Steady

Could a treadmill/desk mashup be the solution to America's obesity problem?


In the Wake of a Scandal

Advanced Cell Technology CEO Bill Caldwell talks to Gelf about the future of human stem-cell cloning.


Gorilla Technology

Even at its best, it's still not that impressive.


Quit Blaming Hollywood

A new study uses shoddy stats to hold the movie industry responsible for society's poor health choices.


The Real Jaguar Shark

An expedition in the depths of the Gulf of Mexico turns up a beast previously unique to Wes Anderson's mind.


A Primate Explosion

New monkey species are being discovered at a staggering rate. Here's why our long-lost cousins keep turning up.


Fast and Loose

What's the land-speed record for electric vehicles? It depends on whom you ask.

Ad Watch

Pill Gets Rave Reviews

Aleve's movie-style ads quote health reporters like they're movie critics—and misquote one of them badly.

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