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No Small Matter

Say what? The Bush administration teams up with Scalia and Thomas to try to take away your guns and allow international courts to influence American law.

The Naked Web

Is It Cool to Be Anonymous?

The blogosphere, transparency, and three tips for keeping it real.


Mark Cuban on Grokster

A Q&A with the Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner about the Supreme Court online-piracy case, movie studios' reaction to his public opposition to them, and the future of digital content.


Supremes Cave to Peer-to-Peer Pressure

The judicial system is even slower than dial-up internet. Gelf's legal commentator on why online music piracy can't be eliminated in court.


Grounded for the Month? Appeal to Congress!

Private family decisions leave your house for The House. Gelf's legal correspondent on the fundamental inconsistency of "Terri's Law."


One, Two, Three, Four -- Fifth!

Why that amendment isn't so great for baseball stars


Is the Mafia Responsible?

At the HealthSouth trial, even newspaper corrections are "all in the Family."


Does Changing Your Mind Hurt America?

Republicans once again mistake maturity for activism. Commentary by Gelf's legal correspondent.


EXTRA! EXTRA! It's not OK to execute kids!

Gelf's legal correspondent on the Fab-Nine's decision to add minors to the list of people we can't kill.

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