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The Unicycle Diaries

Kyle Peterson pedals his sturdy rig to modest notoriety.


Guilt and the Innocence Project

An investigative reporter comes to grips with those hopeless inmates whose cases he doesn't take on.


Cop in the Classroom

Cop in the Hood writer Peter Moskos tells Gelf about how he went from the ivory tower to the street and back again.


Curating Courthouse Confessions

Photographer Steven Hirsch offers New York's accused what the law often won't—a listening ear.


Friends of the Court, with Benefits

Professor Paul Collins tells Gelf how he used statistics to understand the true power of amicus curiae briefs on the Supreme Court.


Trying to Understand Clarence Thomas

Thomas's biographer talks to Gelf about the strange inconsistencies and inner turmoil of the most politically conservative Supreme Court justice.


Picking Up What They're Laying Down

Gelf gets the scoop on the biggest he-stole-she-stole song plagiarism debates of the last half century.


Judge John Roberts, Satanist?

Gelf recommends some background reading to get up to speed on the abortion debate.


Mark Cuban on Grokster, Redux

A Q&A with the Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner about the Supreme Court's ruling in the online-piracy case and whether he thinks his money was well-spent.

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