January 7, 2008

John Fitzgerald Page on John Fitzgerald Page

The infamous internet celeb tells Gelf what it's like to go from being a guy in a high-rise condo to the Worst Person in the World.

Adam Rosen

Much like the invocation of 9-11, the superlative obliges of us discretion in its employ, lest its power be unduly cheapened. After all, can we really have that many "-ests" in our lives? Sure, Ed Wood and Fuck Start Your Face easily qualify for "worst" within their respective genres. But what of a man, who, in his own words, is guilty only of "listing [my] accomplishments and telling a girl that [I] think there's a problem because she has six pictures of her head" on

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- Internet
- posted on Jan 08, 08
Beerzie Boy

Um, yuck.

- Internet
- posted on Jan 08, 08
Spoon Luv

I'm glad you let him speak his peace but hes still a douche. His website is hilarious, especially where he regales us with his list of roles including "Lovestruck Doofus".

- Internet
- posted on Jan 19, 08

He's an idiot. Ignore him, and he'll die from lack of attention.

- Internet
- posted on Jan 20, 08

Boohoo, 15 minutes are up and you still want more. Lame.

- Internet
- posted on Feb 09, 08
Charles Parker

I guess i must be secure enough in myself to not be the least bit offended by Mr. Page's infamous email to the online dating lady. True, Mr. Page is far more accomplished than me - he's obviously quite talented, hard-working, and rich - good for him! And while i am not really any of those things, i don't mind that he is. I also don't mind that he is a bit arrogant. But i say, if you don't like arrogant people, then just ignore them, and go get a life of your own. The severely jealous meanness that i hear coming from the online dating lady and all her downline throughout America is distrubing - there is nothing disturbing about Mr. Page's original or subsequent remarks. He was perfectly within his rights, and gracious enough for an arrogant type - and while i (in the interest of full disclosure) am just a traditional straight 50-ish single male American-patriot thinking-Christian non-Hollywood-starstruck kinda guy who uses online dating occasionally myself, i think i would probably like Mr. Page or at least be enlightened and maybe even entertained by him - but certainly would not disrespect or envy him for his success. Best wishes to you Mr. Page - you do not deserve the ridiculous mean-spiritedness to which you have been subjected. Keep your head up!

- Internet
- posted on Apr 11, 08

Charles Parker, you sound as bad as John Fitzgerald Page.

There was plenty wrong with Page's correspondence with the lady on

Page showed right off the bat that he's shallow (requesting full body shots of her, etc), he places way too much emphasis on physical appearance and material possessions.

When she wasn't impressed by the qualities he thinks every woman is supposed to go crazy about, he sends her a rude reply.

Article by Adam Rosen

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