October 16, 2008

Cop in the Classroom

Cop in the Hood writer Peter Moskos tells Gelf about how he went from the ivory tower to the street and back again.

Michael Gluckstadt

In season four of The Wire, former police officer Roland Pryzbylewski begins a new a career as a teacher in West Baltimore's Edward Tilghman Middle School. At first, he's overwhelmed by the unruly young hoods in his classroom—on his first day, he stands by, shell-shocked, as a female student attacks a classmate with a box-cutter. Eventually, "Prez" gains the respect, or at least, attention of his students, drawing on his experience as a police officer to establish his authority.

Thankfully, Peter Moskos hasn't had to deal with any of his students attacking each other at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Still, his work as a patrolman in East Baltimore has helped him in the classroom. Having actually been on the mean streets, he can expose his students to what he calls "the political incorrectness of reality."

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- Law
- posted on Oct 22, 08

This isn't adding anything to the conversation, but great interview. Job well done on both ends.

Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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