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Irony, to a T

How we got from the earnest "Dew it with Dewey" shirt of the 1940s to the "I'm getting really good at masturbating" one of today.


Cephalopods of the South

Gelf talks to the creators of Squidbillies about the show's second season, hog lagoons, Georgia's flag controversy, and breaking the "fuck" barrier.


The Toxic Tourist Attraction

The Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana, is a Superfund hazardous waste site. Gelf visits its gift shop.


Gotham's SketchFest Returns

After a successful debut last year, New York's sketch-comedy festival moves to a new home and expands its roster. But some things remain the same, like sold-out shows, out-of-town sketch groups cramming into packed apartments, and, relatedly, lots of hooking up. Plus, see a photo gallery of 10 SketchFest NYC troupes and their responses to each others' comedy questionnaire.


Frankensense and Urine

A participatory profile of the West Coast's brightest comedic talent—Will Franken.


Winging It

The overlooked British hospital comedy Green Wing has shredded the traditional-sitcom blueprint and eschewed the medical-show clichés.


What Does Kill It, Makes It Stronger

What do Yo Mama and The Aristocrats have in common, besides bestiality?


The Legend of Cabin Boy

The 1994 box-office bomb has gained a surprise cult following. Star Chris Elliott and director Adam Resnick reflect on their nautical misadventure.


Does Google News Have a Sense of Humor?

How does Google News treat satire? And what's in the search algorithm's secret sauce anyway? Gelf investigates.


A Meta-Interview With Colton & Aboud

John Aboud, co-founder of, talks to Gelf about the renowned comedy website and his pop-culture commentary for VH1. Then his partner in crime, Mike Colton, comments on the interview and how Aboud is big poseur.

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