May 25, 2009

Brooklyn, Baby, Brooklyn!

Gersh Kuntzman may be the best borough's biggest booster.

Vincent Valk

Gersh Kuntzman covers Brooklyn as editor of the Brooklyn Paper, a community weekly that is so, well, community-based that it actually has several editions for different borough neighborhoods. Kuntzman, who has lived in Brooklyn for 20 years, is a tireless promoter of his paper—which, he (quite) often points out, is award-winning—. Judge if you must, but his brashness harks back to the style of classic tabloid journalism, and he's truly willing to boldly go where many newspapermen have never gone before. There was, for example, the time the self-styled "legendary Brooklyn journalist" auctioned his cast on eBay; he also posed as a nude model for a Bushwick drawing class, recording the session and then posting it on the Brooklyn Paper homepage.

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Article by Vincent Valk

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