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November 23, 2015

A Grantland Appreciation

The site's writers and editors tell Gelf what set Grantland apart.

Michael Gluckstadt

When word got out on October 30 that ESPN was shuttering Grantland—its four-year-old sports and pop culture site, conceived of and previously helmed by Bill Simmons—the internet reaction was swift and despairing. After initial concern about the fate of its staff was slightly assuaged, and before the deluge of Best Of collections and "What Does This Mean For X?" think-pieces, there was a much more selfish communal feeling: What the hell are we all going to read now?

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- Reflections
- posted on Nov 23, 15

To all of the Grantland writers and editors, thank you for Grantland.

- Reflections
- posted on Nov 23, 15
Cameron Smith

I can't wait until I can spend a big chunk of change on a 500 page Grantland Oral History book. Even if I have to wait 50 years.

Cameron Smith,
Western Australia
(Just to let you know that THE WORLD loved Grantland)

Article by Michael Gluckstadt

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