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A Grantland Appreciation

Breaking Good

When Madden Falls Apart

SB Nation's Jon Bois breaks 'Madden NFL' to pieces so we can all see what's inside.

Don't Call It a Longform Comeback

Don't Call It a Longform Comeback

Glenn Stout says sportswriting has never been better off. And he's in a position to know.

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November 23: Varsity Letters at The Gallery at LPR in Manhattan.

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Nov. 23: Grantland Appreciation Night

New York’s sports reading series returns to the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge with a night devoted to the recently shuttered site Grantland—an indispensable outlet for high-quality writing about sports and pop culture over the past four years. Come show your appreciation for the site's contributors as they read from their own and each others' work. Speakers include: Rafe Bartholomew Brian Phillips Holly Anderson Jason Concepcion Amos Barshad Jordan Ritter Conn Zach Lowe Ben Lindbergh Andy Greenwald Rembert Browne Jonah Keri ...and more! Space at the venue is limited, so please RSVP here.

Oct. 12: Neil Paine, Walt Hickey and Jon Bois

New York’s sports reading series returns to the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge with chroniclers of all things Madden, the video game that often seems more popular and influential than the NFL itself. Neil Paine went to Florida to learn how Madden ratings are made, while his colleague and self-avowed schlub Walt Hickey got rated himself and written into the game. They documented their exploits in a two-part series for FiveThirtyEight (where tonight’s host, Carl Bialik, also works). They’ll be joined by Jon Bois, who writes about the absurdities of Madden for SBNation, where he is an associate editor, and gives his readers a way into his surreal tours of its outer extremes in his column Roster Cuts.

Sept. 30: Wright Thompson and Seth Wickersham

New York’s sports reading series returns to the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge with the writers of two of the most engrossing football stories in recent memory. ESPN’s Wright Thompson wrote an indelible piece on the spirit of New Orleans in the years after Katrina. He’s joined by his colleague Seth Wickersham, who—along with Don Van Natta Jr.—recently blew the lid off of Roger Goodell’s mishandling of both Spygate and Deflategate.

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